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Service Dogs


Service dogs are individually trained dogs that perform tasks for people with disabilities.


Service animals are working animals, not pets.


Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act.


It is against the law for owners to take their Service Dogs in Training into non pet friendly businesses in CT.



We have many requirements that are put in place to maintain the integrity of all service dogs. We will not work with anyone that does not have a qualifying disability and we will dismiss dogs from the program if it is not suitable for service dog work.


Service Dogs are considered medical equipment and that should be kept in mind when you look at the cost of the dogs training. ALL expenses related to having a service dog are tax deductible. This includes the training.  Of course, we always advise that you consult your accountant for the most up to date information.



Everyone wants to know how much it will cost to train their dog and the answer is really up to you, your dog, and your ability as a trainer. We have seen dogs fly through the program and need as few as 10 private lessons and others that need double that. Service dogs are considered In Training until they are mature around 18-24 months, until they have been trained a task to mitigate a disability, and they can pass our public access test. All dogs in our Service Dog Program need to attend weekly group classes for at least a year. In addition to the group classes we do private lessons once your dog is reliably housebroken. Those lessons need to happen once a week in the beginning but can then go down to once a month when we see that the dogs Public Access outings are going well.

Contracts, Forms, and Registration:


Once your trainer feels your dog is ready for Public Access and Task Training you may purchase our private lesson package which includes 10 Private Lessons at a discounted rate as well as some Day Training Packages. *All dogs are different and this is the minimum amount of lessons that you will need. $1300


You should also become familiar with both Federal and State Laws regarding Service Dogs and Service Dogs in Training (SDiT)





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