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We emphasize positive, reward-based methods to make dog training fun for both dogs and owners.

     Is your dog difficult to walk because it reacts poorly to other dogs, people or children?  If so, I can help.  The whole reason I became a dog trainer is because of my reactive dog.  She was the sweetest dog on earth except for when her space was invaded.  It was embarrassing and I felt like a failure but once we got the help we needed our world changed.  I learned to read her better and manage her personality.  Since then I have helped hundreds of people in the same uncomfortable situation.


Is your adorable pooch reactive?  Below are some common triggers that can cause a dog to react either being skittish/scared or exhibit aggressive behavior such as lunging or growling.  Reactive training is essential to help them become more confident and calm around their triggers.


•  Loud noises


•  Children


•  Food


•  Toy


•  Other dogs


•  Fast movements

Reactive Dog Program

Important information on retractable leashes. While I don't allow retractable leash's in my classes and I think that they are a horrible idea, I know that people love them.  Please make sure to read about Retractable Leash Etiquette before using one and know that people and dogs get hurt all the time with them.


Click here to download the Retractable Leash Etiquette

Click here to download Should I Leash My Dog PDF

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