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We emphasize positive, reward-based methods to make dog training fun for both dogs and owners.

What Should I Sign Up For?


Many pet parents believe that they just need one lesson but a single lesson does not result in the happiest clients. Dog training takes time and we do not offer instant fixes at the expense of the dog. We offer scientifically proven, long lasting results. Our packages listed below help to make your dogs education more cost effective.


While a single lesson at $160 is a great option for people looking to solve one small problem like barking, jumping, integrating a new dog into your home with other friendly pets, or adult housebreaking, it usually takes multiple lessons to really work with your dog. At least one follow up lesson is recommended for even the most simple problems so that you get lasting results with your dog. This is particularly true for young dogs or new rescues. Our goal is to teach you the skills needed to work with your dog far beyond our time with you which in turn gets you the best results. This usually can not be done in one lesson and our clients that do multiple lessons are our happiest. Below are some guidelines to help you choose the right package if a single lesson is not sufficient. If you would still like to proceed with the single lesson click here to create an account. Once you have created an account send an email to with the best times for you and what you are looking to gain from our services. Please include if your dog has any health issues, bite history, or significant behavior problems. We tend to book a few days in advance. 

There are significant advantages to group classes for all dogs under two years of age which is why most of our packages include group classes. The only dogs that should not be in group classes and should only do private lessons are dogs that are reactive or extremely fearful.

-If your dog is just beginning to show signs of reactivity towards one of the following; other dogs, people, or objects then we recommend at least three private lessons. $430

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-If your dog has been reactive for several months or is reactive to multiple things but you are comfortable controlling your dog then we recommend at least 5 private lessons. $700

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-If your dog has a significant history of reactivity but you are still comfortable controlling your dog then we recommend at least 7 private lessons. $945

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-If your dog has a bite history or you believe that your dog has the potential to be dangerous then we recommend at least 10 private lessons. $1300

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-If you are an experienced dog owner but now you have kids and a new puppy that aren't living peacefully together then two private lessons tend to do the trick. We can help your kids to understand what makes dogs bite, proper etiquette around a puppy, basic rules that all families should follow with kids and puppies growing up together, and how kids of all ages can take an active role in the puppies training. These are really people lessons rather than puppy lessons although the puppy will certainly benefit. The Pup Preschool Package is a basic package that is good for our budget conscience clients. This package will not complete your dogs training but will get you the help you need to have a wonderful start. It also includes your puppies first 6 week group class which is imperative from 12 weeks to 6 months. $460

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-If you are struggling with a new dog or rescue but have raised dogs before and are committed to working with your dog multiple times a day then you will be most successful with two private lessons and one session of group classes. This would also fall under the Pup Preschool Package. These areas of concern could include pulling on the leash, puppy nipping, jumping, and separation anxiety. In the first lesson we will listen to all of your concerns and address the behaviors that are highest on your list. The second lesson will fine tune any problems that have not been resolved from the first lesson and make sure that the skills learned are on the right track. $460

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-If you are dog savvy and committed to working with your dog to make them perfect then four private lessons combined with three sessions of group classes will get you nice results. Our Gifted Program is our most popular program and sets your dog up for easily passing the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. This program keeps them working around other dogs and distractions through puppyhood or through critical training with a new rescue. $990

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-If you want the Ultimate Experience for you and your dog then our Ivy League Package is what you need. This is for our committed clients that are willing to put in the work. Our trainers will instruct you in 8 private lessons and your will also be attending three sessions of group classes to reinforce your dogs new skills around distractions. You can expect the best that your dog can be! $1470

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-If you prefer to be a bit more hands off during the difficult beginning stages of training but want to be able to handle your dog easily then you can sign your dog up to be a Teachers Pet! This is not the best choice for young dogs because of the limited number of group classes but is perfect for people struggling with their dogs training or behavior problems. You can drop your dog off with us for 5 day training sessions and then we will teach you how to continue the training with four private lessons and one session of group classes to show you how to work with your dog around distractions. This is an easy way to make all your friends jealous! $1370

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Cancellation and Missed Class Policy

 Important: All dog training fees, are final and non refundable. When you first sign up you may not know what service would be the best fit for your dog. If the wrong service is picked we can transfer your credits to our other services. Payment is due at time of registration. If you would like to cancel it must be at least 7 days before the start of class and there will be a 10% fee to issue the refund. There is a $25 returned check fee. Please be sure of which session you wish to attend and plan accordingly when registering. There are no refunds for missed classes and we can no longer accommodate make up classes. As of 7/1/11 the State of CT bills all dog training services 6.35% SALES TAX.

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