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We emphasize positive, reward-based methods to make dog training fun for both dogs and owners.

Camp Tails


We have two great options:

Our Exclusive Day Training (Camp Tails)

What will my puppy/dog do all day?

Each puppy or dog is worked in an environment full of distractions of other dogs and humans giving them a stimulating environment while owners shop, run errands or work. We do not limit the training to our center because many problems are happening in real life. We can walk your dog at the park to work on leash reactivity or take him to our homes to work in a home environment.


Our certified dog trainers will work with your dog one on one multiple times a day, teaching them home manners, exercising their minds as well as their bodies and teaching them tricks and games to play.


Who qualifies for Camp Tails?

All dogs from 12 week old puppies to our lovely Senior Citizens. We have something fun for everyone.



Nervous dogs benefit tremendously from this program and our deluxe sensory environment like our ball pit and FitPaws equipment. We build your dog up so they feel like they can conquer the world!


Who does not qualify for Day Camp?

Due to the nature of this program we do not work with dogs with a bite history of any kind.

Private lessons would be more valuable to you and your dog. Email us for more details.


What are the benefits of enrolling my dog in Camp Tails?

Our Campers will not only get physical exercise but also mental exercise that will leave them exhausted at the end of the day. Our Campers will have multiple chances a day to work on behavior problems such as jumping and barking. Camp dogs learn manners that can be used in and out of the home.
Which includes how to behave around other dogs and how to settle down on cue.


Our Campers will learn how to settle quietly in a crate which has many different benefits.

Keeps your dog stress free and safe if it is ever hospitalized or put on crate rest. Gives your dog a comforting place to rest. Helps with housebreaking and problem solving. Provides a safe place to travel in the car.

Owners have peace of mind knowing their dog will be having the time of their lives and making new friends.


How we work

We will train your dog using positive, scientifically proven methods to help teach your dog through their successes rather than their failures. We work at your dog's most successful pace and never push them beyond their abilities. This is why we never make promises to solve problems overnight. We have set our program up much like we set our dogs up, for success.



Drop Off 8:00am-9:00am

Pick Up 5:00pm-6:30pm

Late Pick Ups incur a $5 inconvenience fee.

Add an overnight stay for just $25 extra.




You can use Camp Tails in two different ways:

As an add on to the rest of your training program.

As an extra safe, controlled, and educational day training experience.


1 day at Camp Tails $65


5 days at Camp Tails $300


10 days at Camp Tails $550


20 days at Camp Tails $1000


Does my dog qualify for a 20% discounted day training at Camp Tails?

If your dog has completed one of the following:

High School Level Group Class Graduation in addition to passing the AKC CGC Test

20 days of Camp Tails

10 days of our previous Board and Train program


*Remember- Camp Tails is a wonderful add on to our other private training packages and our group classes. While we can train your dog to jump through hoops, it is useless to you unless we teach you how to hold the hoop.


One on One Drop Off Training and Board and Train


If you would prefer your dog has more one on one time with one of our trainers or you have specific skills that you would like us to work on then this is what you are looking for. Send us an email to discuss your training goals and we will get back to you with all of your options.



Cancellation and Missed Class Policy


 Important: All dog training fees, are final and non refundable. When you first sign up you may not know what service would be the best fit for your dog. If the wrong service is picked we can transfer your credits to our other services. Payment is due at time of registration. If you would like to cancel it must be at least 7 days before the start of class and there will be a 10% fee to issue the refund. There is a $25 returned check fee. Please be sure of which session you wish to attend and plan accordingly when registering. There are no refunds for missed classes and we can no longer accommodate make up classes. As of 7/1/11 the State of CT bills all dog training services 6.35% SALES TAX.

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