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We emphasize positive, reward-based methods to make dog training fun for both dogs and owners.

Board and Train

Due to high demand we are only accepting puppies 6 months and younger at this time.

The Board and Train Package at The Exceptional Pet is different than many other places. Your dog will have the time of their lives while they learn basic commands, leash skills, door manners, polite greetings and more. We offer a unique home-like environment where your dog will be  living with a team of highly skilled trainers.


One of the most important aspects of any Board and Train program is variation in locations. Your puppy will not only be trained in a home environment but we will also socialize your puppy in different places, on different surfaces, and around different dogs.


The program is structured in this way so the the  skills learned will transfer easily to the owners and the home environment.


The follow-up private  lessons show owners how to reinforce the training behaviors at home and maintain them once the  program is completed.


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Board and Train programs are not appropriate for reactive, extremely fearful, or aggressive dogs. We always put the dogs needs first and a board and train program will cause more stress to an already stressed or traumatized dog. Your dog will do best working directly with the person or people s/he trusts the most, you. Our goal is to teach you how to not just mitigate the behavior but also how best to advocate for your dog. We want your dog to feel less stressed or fearful and have long term success.

We do not believe in suppressing the behavior through corrections but instead healing the fear through scientifically proven counter conditioning.



I wanted to let you know about the experience we had with Donna when Lexi stayed with her for a board and train.  I am so pleased and impressed with the amount of training that Lexi came back to us knowing especially with her only being with Donna for 24 hours!  She came back to us knowing to drop anything on demand, being much calmer and not lunging at our other two dogs, walking next to me and not pulling at all on her leash.  I actually couldn't believe it!!


She also gave me some things(lexi being crazy while she's eating) to work with Lexi on that she noticed may need attention.  Her recommendations  have worked wonders and helped us tremendously during feedings.  She now sits calmly and eats slowly.....No Craziness!!!!


Just wanted to let you know what a great job Donna did!!  My husband and I are very grateful!




Tricia Pontore



Cancellation Policy


Classes without a start date listed can be joined at any time by choosing a start date during the registration process. Important: All dog training fees, are final, non refundable and non transferable. Payment is due at time of registration. If you would like to cancel it must be at least 7 days before the start of class and there will be a 10% fee to issue the refund. As of 7/1/11 the State of CT bills all dog training services 6.35% SALES TAX. There is a $25 returned check fee. Make up classes are only available if there is an opening in another appropriate class. Please be sure of which session you wish to attend and plan accordingly when registering. There are no refunds for missed classes.

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